We organize expeditions around the world

About company

RGOEXPO is a team of passionate travelers. We organize challenging and massive expeditions.
Our team also takes part in these expeditions! Exploring new places and telling other people about them is our main interest.
We actively work (would even say -
fire on all cylinders) with our business partners
and different brands, helping them to get their message to their clients through the expeditions.
We are also able to work with media (such as press) and bloggers.

Our goal

Discover all parts of our planet, its nature
and people

Our achievements and plans

Our team and friends

Bogdan Bulychev -
Director, member of the RGO

Ivan Dementievskiy -
photographer, blogger, traveler

Vladlena Bobrovskaya -
coordinator, a member of the RGO

Sergey Dolya -
blogger, traveler, photographer

Vladislav Porongo -

Anton Panov -

Our partners

Project presentations (PDF)
  • 2015 y.

    Expedition 59th Latitude

  • 2016 y.

    Arctic expedition Pole of Cold

  • 2016 y.

    Road trip In search of Shambhala

Contact us

Vladlena Bobrovskaya 

Press-center manager:
Vsevolod Shaposhnikov


Bogdan Bulychev bb@newjet.ru

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